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Main dimensions: The Diameter of connecting tube Φ50X5 and Φ60X8

Installation Dimensions: the Head screw size M18

Finishing: Mirror, Satin, Sand blasting, Fluorocarbon spraying

Material: 316 or 2205 for tube parts, CF8M or CD3MN casting parts



GA-2 Strut rod is used in tension rod trusses. The strut rod can connect spider using the head crew with size M18, and it can also connect one ear plate with 4 holes, one ear plate with 2 holes in the middle, and 1 ear plate with 4 holes in trail.  The products are produced by precision investment casting mold for the blank body then finished by polishing process. The product performance complies with DB44/T 1053-2012《Stainless steel strut》and other national standards. These products are widely used in point-fixed glass curtain wall project.

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