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Kinlong owns a provincial enterprise technology center and a laboratory center authorized by CNAS. We also set up a R&D center which helps to build market-driven product development mechanism. Kinlong , certificated as high-tech enterprise, owns more than 500 domestic and international patents.6363380877906174668707297.jpg

With our strong technical research and testing ability, our company is involved in compiling national standards, industry standards and regional standards. We have completed more than 100 standards so far.


Kinlong Laboratory Center


Kinlong Laboratory Center was established in 2003, and its total building area is over 2000 square meters. Recognized by National Laboratory in 2009, it is the first one to win CNAS in construction hardware field in China. In 2013,Kinlong got the qualification to launch "Dongguan Inspection Resource Alliance" which was promoted by municipal government. This provided strong technical support for the construction of social credit system and market supervision system. In 2010, Kinlong got the certification of national first level measuring system issued by the Institute of China Measurement and Testing.

Our Laboratory Center has developed more than 10 kinds of testing equipment, and some of them even filled in the blank of the testing equipment development in China. Our testing methods for our products such as spider and routel are applied by the national industry standards.

Our testing system apply to products including metal, plastic, packaging materials, door & window fittings, facade fittings, bathroom hardware, door control hardware, locks, balustrade, etc. Kinlong owns more than 420 national approved testing items in 42 catalogs, and this is a leading level in construction hardware field.

Science, innovation, justice and satisfaction are the principle we serve the enterprises and industry. 






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