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Ten Years of Loving Heart Road from KIN LONG to Hope Primary School


KIN LONG always contribute to the national educational enterprise while making steady progress. On March 6, 2017, the five Hope Primary Schools’ donation ceremony of KIN LONG was held in Tangxia stadium, Dongguan city. Mr. Bai Bao Kun, the company president together with company senior managers and staff attended the ceremony. Government leaders of Tangxia attached importance to the ceremony and they attended the ceremony personally. Both of us brought dreamful hopes to the countryside children.



The five Hope Primary Schools are: KIN LONG Hope Primary School of Sangzhi county, Hunan province, KIN LONG Hope Primary School of Wugang city, Hunan province, KIN LONG Hope Primary School of Qinghai mutual autonomous county, KIN LONG Hope Primary School of Songtao county, Guizhou province, and KIN LONG Hope Primary School of Funing county, Yunnan province.



The representatives of the donated delivered their speeches on the donation ceremony. They spoke highly of the persistent donation of KIN LONG to educational enterprise and expressed their heartfelt gratitude for KIN LONG. They said that they would cherish the donation and strengthen their leadership, management and supervision for the projects construction. They hoped that KIN LONG Hope Primary Schools would be the first-rate and typical project and the schools can serve people early.




The donation cheque presented by KIN LONG




KIN LONG presented the donation cheque to the donated

and the donated presented education-assistance silk banners to KIN LONG.




The donated presented the donation certificates for KIN LONG

Through more than ten years of striving, there have been over 8500 staff in KIN LONG, and as the construction hardware enterprise merged in resaerch, development, manufacture and marketing, the turnover increases progressively year after year, KIN LONG rates first in total amount of taxes paid by the industrial enterprises of Tangxia county for the consecutive five years. At the same time, KIN LONG devotes to the educational enterprise of poverty-stricken area as usual. There have been ten years road to the donation of Hope Primary School. Since the first Hope Primary School built in Hunan province in 2007, there have been 31 Hope Primary Schools including the five Hope Primary Schools donated today in the ceremony.

 The harmony is created by kind behavior, and the virtue is carried by the loving heart.  KIN LONG will take the social responsibility, spare no effort to the education, and give more opportunities to the children in poverty-stricken area. The road of Hope Primary School donating will be further and further. Let us meet at the same time next year!


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