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Handle Series-PZSN017

1. Applied to open-in side hung window and sliding window.

2. Aluminum alloy cover proves the strength of the handle.

3. Surface finish is electrostatic powder coating, which is uviofast and acid and alkali resistance.

4. Applied to tilt-and-turn window and macro-ventilation window, achieve to macro-ventilation and locked by key. (turning the handle to 0 º - 90 º )

5. Wide application, effectively solve the management of public security and consideration for special groups, like kid garden, school, hospital and high-rise building.

6. Design Patent: the locator expands while screwing, which can avoid the loose of screws and improve the compliance with transmitter.

7. Patent product won the Achievement Rewards of – Groove Product Industries in 2016 issued by U-Groove Door & Window committee of China. 



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