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Career Planning

At the end of 2013, our company puts forward the “Two channel” system of personnel’s development, and we established the qualification management system correspondingly at the beginning of 2014, which begins with the building of channels, then the formulating of standard and the assessment of classes, finally, the application of the result. It is helpful for our personnel to abandon the stereotype of “official career”, meanwhile, every employee is able to find a suitable position in the suitable channel and do their best.




It aims at promoting the professionalism of our staff group to build the systems of “Two Channel” and qualification management. Meanwhile, it builds a high-level and efficient group for joint developments. The HR department classifies employees into five titles: management, marketing, skill, profession, and operation. This makes employees recognize themselves, and it is easier for managers to make plans for the development of their personnel.




By the assessment and application of classes, personnel will recognize their part and find their weakness, so that they will know “what should they do”, “what can they do” and “how they can do better”. Then they can achieve positive attitude to make efforts for their aims and improving themselves.


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