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1. Stainless steel plate with brush surface.

2. Single latch bolt door lock.

3. External mechanism can increase the aluminum bar for multi-point locking.

4. No need to dismount door lock, and can quickly change the direction.

5. The hole for square bar is 26mm away from the notch of sash profile.

6. Apply to these door lever handles like MZS118, MZS120, MZS122,etc.

7. Apply to these frame front plates like KMB100A, KMB110, KMB120, etc.



1.Standardization concept, wide range of  applications

2.Base material is made of high quality stainless steel, carbon steel and zinc alloy. Inner structure is modular combination, making the products more sturdy and durable. The body surface finish is electrophoresis black,exquisite and can enhance the anti-corrosion performance 

3.Bi-directional reset, simple operation

​4.Both multi-point locking and single-point locking are available for clients to choose. External locking mechanism can increase the multi-point locking according to requirements, to satisfy client's requirement of anti-theft.  

5.Products can match many types of door handle, easy installation. 

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