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1. The way to open: mechanical key or door card;

2.Card reading: non-contact proximity card, reading distance <3 cm;
3. Power supply: 4 pcs 1.5V alkaline batteries, the service life of them is more than 10,000 times;

4. Easy to operate: Just showing the card near the lock’s induction area, the door will open;
5. High reliability: Coils are sealed within the card, are not susceptible to external influences, longer service life;

6. Software system: Stand-alone version of the system, no external network can be used directly, can provide interface functions;
7.Advertisement: The card can be printed with beautiful photographs of your hotel, which are conducive to advertising;

8. Card systems: It is divided into 16 independent partitions, and every partition with a separate password can be applied to different systems, such as hotel consumption system, parking system, and attendance system. Users can set different passwords and entrances for your convenience. Every partition is managed independently.



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