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1.High quality zinc alloy material, large handle, large complex board
2.Fast escape function , easy to use

3.Main lock with anti-saw design, security is guaranteed

4.Suitable for door thickness of no less than 38mm.




Lock body description:

Oblique tongue with three tongue design is easy to stretch and shrink, and effectively prevents damage which is caused by the collision between oblique tongue and buckle plate of the door frame.

The edge of the lock body is designed with 24-hours control button, which can effectively control whether the outdoor button can open the oblique tongue, to achieve 24-hours open or locked.

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Lock cylinder Description:

Cylinder with double row of marbles, combines the design of the serpentine groove, in order to prevent technical open, and increase the safety.

​The lock cylinder is threaded and fastened with fastening screws to prevent the forced remove, forced pull, to strengthen security.

5 + 2 key design, using construction key at first, then when the owner key is used, the construction key will be invalid. This provides users with convenience, and makes the residents feel at ease.


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