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Glass Thickness:8≤T≤18(Different code with different glass thickness )

External end size:φ59mm 

Screw specification:M14  

Standard Length:L=90

outer diameter of outer screw-sleeve:φ46mm

inner screw sleeve length:50mm

Surface treatment: Lathe,    galvanized carbon steel outer screw-sleeve

Material:The sleeve is aluminum, the washer is nylon, outer screw sleeve is carbon steel, and others are stainless steel.



Z66 connector’s main role is to directly connect the routel, and does not need to use with spiders. Z66 is applied to point-fixed curtain wall.

At present, the vast majority of the main steel structure is made of carbon steel, in order to ensure welding quality between base with the steel structure, generally the outer screw-sleeve is made of carbon steel. For some special nodes, KINLONG can supply other materials according to customer’s needs.

KINLONG Z66 connector has ± 8mm adjustment in the axial direction, in order to meet the installation error requirements. Meanwhile it has the P-Z series of products at the same structure and function to meet the different requirements of the glass thickness of the clamping, the length adjustment is achieved by changing the outer sleeve length.

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