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The main dimensions:   structure appearance design: 300mm Rectangular wide

Glass thickness: 19≤T≤32.5mm

Installation Dimensions: The ear plate thickness is 12mm. Ear plate hole diameter Φ19mm*35mm, 40mm from ear plate hole center to ear plate edge; 50mm from ear plate hole center to root. the distance from The glass fin hole center to fin glass edge <60mm; 100mm for the hole distance in the fin glass, the tube diameter Φ15.5, 130mm from fin glass hole to ear plate hole

Finishing: Mirror, Satin, Sand blasting, Fluorocarbon spraying

Material: Nylon for tube and seam shim, EPDM for glass shim, S.S316 or CF8M for other parts

​Bearing capacity: Vertical direction not support the weight of glass,

Horizontal direction 12000N



BL32 is a fin clamp to hold fin glass in the bottom, the customer open the hole in the glass according to the position of bolt of clamp and then fix clamp to the fin glass by flannel glue between rib glass and clamp plate. The flannel glue is purchased by customer. KIN LONG doesn’t supply it with products. The products have round hole in the ear plate and are used with BL32. The ear plate of Fin clamp is produced by precision investment casting mold for the blank body then finished by polishing process. The parts of clamping glass are machined with stainless steel plate. The product performance complies with national standards. These products are widely used in point-fixed glass curtain wall, skylight and other glass curtain wall project.


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