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Hole centre distance: 250×268mm

Center bolt hole: φ19mm

Applicable angle : 90°(exposed corner)

Surface treatment: mirror,satin

Material: CF8、CF8M or CD3MN



250AE series spider is our 250-angle series spider, it inherits the characteristics of the 250A rectangular arm section, smooth lines, simple and generous appearance, strong sense of three-dimensional. The spider is made by precision casting process, and external surface is polished into finished products. Product performance is in line with JG / T 138-2010 <<architectural glass point support device>> and the relevant national standards. The spider is mainly used in the 90 ° corner of the point of the curtain wall projects. The exposed corner spider series also features 135°(250AD series) and the same series with three legs, 90 ° V-shaped two legs, long legs, Single leg structure, can meet the needs of existing engineering exposed corner.


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